The Care You Deserve

For years, we provide care and concern to our customers' eye health and we dispensed eye health advices catered to different customers. With this approach, we hope that our bespectacled customers will benefit from this.We are dedicated to build a long-lasting relationships based on trust with every single customer.

Services we provide:

Computerised Eye Test

General Eye Examination

Sale of frames, 
ophthalmic lenses & contact lenses

Express Service

(only available in Woodlands branch)

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Your eyes are unique and no two eyes in the world are ever the same. We keep an eye of ours on your eyes' health and we want to spend more time with you to take the vital measurements.Prescribing an ophthalmic lenses require very specific measurements in order to get the best performance and visual result.
It is important that these measurements are accurately taken by our Opticians to ensure that your eyewear does not compromise your field of vision.Poor fitting/ incorrect measurements can cause eye strain, double vision, head or neck pain from looking through the lens that is not prescribed properly to your eyes.

In your next visit, we are happy to re-adjust any of your existing eyewear back to its comfortable state.

Service - Our customer service ensures that our customers are well attended. Service recovery’s are expedited as we prioritize our customer’s convenience.

Quality - We ensure our clients that our spectacle/lenses meet the required standards/specifications before dispensing.

Delivery – Punctuality is an essential part of business that has been forgotten amongst our competitors. We employ meticulous considerations and procedures to ensure that your spectacles will be ready on-time.


Located at:
Vista Point
Block 548, Woodlands Drive 44, #01-05.
Singapore 730548

Tel:  6894 7757
Daily -11.00am - 9.00pm

Block 872C Tampines Street 86, #01-04
Singapore 523872

Tel: 6909 2908

Mon to Sat -11.00am - 9.00pm